HecticElectric Eindhoven

100% Computer Generated Images

We can deliver 100% 3D created images, no photography used.
A combination is also possible, imagine an environment and we can place your

non existing product in 3D but photorealistic.

Award Winning Quality

  • CG Society Award (6 times) – CGSociety
  • Artist of the year nominee – Autodesk
  • 3D Artist of the Month February 2016 – VrayWorld
  • The Golden Eye Award – 3DTotal
  • 3DTotal Excellence Award – 3DTotal
  • Artist of the month – Autodesk AREA

Printed Campaigns & TV Commercials

We have a long history with very diverse work.
TV commercials, movies, documentaries, printed and social campaigns.
Check them out in our gallery with some of our work or feel free to ask for specific kind of projects.

Located in Eindhoven

The Science capital of the Netherlands, the city of Philips, ASML, DAF and VDL.
We are proud to be located at Strijp S, the creative heart of the city, in the former Philips factory that made Eindhoven what it is today.